About this blog

This blog is my experiment in sharing my thoughts and ideas with the world.  I am happy to have you join me as I explore all the great ways that our culture and society are put together, and, in particular, how followers of Jesus Christ might interact with the amazing world that God has made and that humans are shaping.

I am a graduate of Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia with a Masters of Christian Studies in Christianity & Culture.  My thesis focused on the ways that sexual objectification damage women both intra- and inter-personally and the ways that Christian theology–specifically the theology of the body–might help to heal them.  Many of the posts on this blog will be adaptations of my thesis as I seek to explore the topic in a less academic format.

More personally, I self-identify as a geek married to a geek, a dreamer, a storyteller, and an aching visionary (thanks to Rev. Darrell Johnson for that last descriptor).  I love video games, sci-fi/fantasy in all its forms, cat videos, and BBQ sauce.  Well, most any kind of sauce, actually.

Sometimes, my heart wants to explode because there is so much awesome in the world.  Sometimes, it wants to break because there is so much brokenness.  All the time, it aches for the Kingdom of God to break all the way in and make all the brokenness into awesomeness.


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